Does Italy Have Way Too Many Architects? (The Ratio of Architects to Inhabitants Around the World)

Does Italy Have Way Too Many Architects? (The Ratio of Architects to Inhabitants Around the World)

Yesterday, Jonditalia – which is one of the three exhibitions currently being prepared for this year’s Venice Architecture Biennale – posted a nice little graphic showing the number of architects, per capita, across almost 40 countries around the globe. The graphic reveas that Italy has a shockingly high ratio of architects in correlation to its population: for every 414 Italians, there’s precisely one architect.

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01 It’s a lifestyle, not a job

Usually, typical architects tend to think about their job all the time, at least I do. And at least for me that’s not just about some big ‘A’ type of buildings or projects, but basically it’s all about assessing every standing structure anywhere where they are now. I go somewhere and start noticing the building’s materials, form, massing, lighting, etc. If I travel somewhere new, I sincerely start by planning my whole trip around the buildings I want to see. Probably half of all the books I ever buy (and read, but not including those for my kids) are about architecture. I even get work-related books as Xmas gifts!

02 People respect architects

Even if they don’t really apprehend what exactly do we do behind all those blueprints, there is a common belief that architects are ethical and responsible. Luckily, people truly believe that architects simply do not endeavor to make the right decision to our own detriment. It’s part of the why that ‘architect’ is chosen so often as a good role-model for lead protagonists in movies and TV roles. Architects aren’t generally viewed as driven by financial greed like doctors or as bitchy as lawyers (can be).

03 Job is constantly evolving

Architects are not artists exactly – we have to address some practical issues most of the time, as opposed to something completely abstract. Namely, we work a lot with building technology and programming. Materials and construction techniques out there advance at a speed of light and all architects are simply required to address the needs of the public at large. This relates to building’s practical and ergonomic performance, energy consumption factors, incorporating recycled materials, etc. Architects create new design concepts that expand how modern day construction is executed. Architecture is one of the few fields of work in a constant process of evolution.

04  Artistic freedom and personal expression

As an architect, we are usually are led by a set of project parameters that help direct us throughout the whole thing. But at some point we’re still given the freedom to pursue the artistic expression and visualization of those tasks. Take ten architects with the same client and the same project parameters and you’ll get ten different moquettes.

05  You can be your own boss

What’s really unique about working as an architect, is that you’re still able to work either alone or as a part of small team and be real efficient and useful. You can enter contests and win major projects all on your own– I can’t think of another position that can provide similar self-development prospects. I have also seen a team of 3 people design and prepare construction documents on a mall over 1,000,000 square feet.

06 There are tangible (and sometimes euphoric) results

Any professional architect who have successfully worked all the way from sketching to actually seeing the building arise – is lucky! Witnessing any of my projects getting built and accomplished is outright amazing! The feeling is mesmerizing and it feels like having your own laboratory where you can experiment and refine things that you consider to be important and worthwhile.

07 We can positively impact people’s lives

It is a great feeling to develop a personal bond with your client, especially when you know that this will help the end-result to be better. By seeing the process through, our clients appreciate the end-product much more. By appreciating the product, they are celebrating the role it plays.

08 Experimentation is expected

Despite the field requiring any given project to contain building sciences and technology in the making process, the final product does not have definitively right or wrong parameters. Because no two architects will ever go for one and the same solution if given an identical.

09 Longevity of Career

Yet another bonus of working in an architectural bureau is the fact that your career actually doesn’t have any specific retirement alarm set. You will always stay an architect even when it isn’t your job anymore. This fact is especially true if you think about how late in their careers did the best pros flourish in their vision and prowess!

10. Incredible variety of options within the profession

As compared to other professions, even after getting a university degree in architecture you still have room for maneuvering as to which exact niche you will be working in. This is really nice because when you graduate, you don’t know enough about all the options out there and what you really want to do.

A side bonus! We can wear ridiculous eye wear and get away with it.

People tend to portray architects in their mind as  architects someone geeky with the numbers enough to be a creative artist too.

This conflict of known social perceptions allows generous liberties!

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